THE BIG HURT: Hurt file, June 12-17

NOTE: The focus of this column is analysis, so we don't cover the progress of every injured player. We try to highlight the key fantasy contributors, unusual injuries, or situations where the official projected return is variable or not given. Players whose progress is proceeding as expected are very well covered by fantasy news sources; we'll tend to leave those players alone unless we have something we want to add to the news coverage. This column is updated on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Mondays.

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June 17, 2019

Noah Syndergaard (RHP, NYM) – R hamstring strain (6/15/19)
They’re still trying to assess the extent of the injury, but it appears, on the surface, to be a mild strain. Complicating his return to play is the All-Star break, which teams often use to get injured players a few extra days of healing.
2019 Impact: Elevated risk; unknown extent; risk of recurrence
Est. Return: Late June/early July (best estimate)

Jay Bruce (OF, PHI) – L hamstring strain (6/15/19)
He isn’t on the IL, and may not need to be, but a tight muscle usually means there’s some damage and there’s a definite possibility an IL trip may be required. If so, figure 1-3 weeks.
2019 Impact: Elevated risk; unknown extent
Est. Return: Likely in 1-4 days

Kyle Hendricks (RHP, CHC) – R shoulder inflammation (6/14/19)
He thinks this is a minor thing and that he’ll be back in close to the minimum, but we’ll remind you of two things here. First, the player is often the worst source of information—they always think they’re just a day or two away from returning. Second, shoulders are complicated and any inflammation is concerning. We’ll project for a short stay for now, but realize the risks here.
2019 Impact: High risk
Est. Return: Late June/early July, possibly post All-Star break (best estimate)

Nate Eovaldi (RHP, BOS) – R elbow, surgery (4/20/19) UPDATE
He’s experienced some biceps tendinitis during his rehab, and while it appears to be minor, it’s an additional risk and could set him back anywhere from a couple of days to a week or two if it doesn’t respond to treatment right away.
2019 Impact: High risk
Est. Return: Mid-July, most likely

Sean Manaea (LHP, OAK) – L shoulder, recovery from surgery (Oct. 2018) UPDATE
He’s already well ahead of his expected recovery pace and he could be ready for a rehab assignment later this week. That would put him on pace for a mid-July return. The main things to look for in his rehab assignments are velocity and command.
2019 Impact: He’s still high risk, but doing much better than expected
Est. Return: Mid-/late July, barring any setbacks


June 15, 2019

Jon Duplantier (RHP, ARI) – R shoulder inflammation (6/11/19)
He’ll be shut down for a week or so, at which point he’ll be reevaluated. This doesn’t mean he will return quickly. Unfortunately, there’s been no details about the injury, so we can’t provide an exact estimate, but there’s a pretty wide range of outcomes here. As usual, we will start on the low side and update as needed.
2019 Impact: High risk; potential for longer IL stay than projected
Est. Return: Early/mid-July

Seranthony Dominguez (RHP, PHI) – R elbow, torn UCL (6/5/19)
The word is that he doesn’t need surgery, but that’s not entirely accurate (movie reference, anyone?). The proper interpretation is that the tear is not as extensive enough where Tommy John is the only clear option. They will try a PRP injections and rehab, though PRP has a mixed track record. They’ll have a better picture in 4-6 weeks.
2019 Impact: Very high risk; still a good risk that TJS is required
Est. Return: Mid-/Late August, maybe

JaCoby Jones (OF, DET) – L elbow contusion (6/13/19)
They haven’t said much about the extent of the injury, but the fact that it’s “just” a bruise doesn’t mean no IL time.
2019 Impact: Elevated risk in the short term
Est. Return: A few days is most likely, but up to 3-4 weeks is possible

Corey Seager (SS, LA) – L hamstring strain (6/12/19)
This was diagnosed as a Grade 2 strain, but an MRI showed a bit less tearing than a typical Grade 2, so there’s some hope that he might return a little quicker than the usual 4-8 weeks. There’s still a lot of variability and a high risk of recurrence.
2019 Impact: Elevated risk; high risk of recurrence when he first returns
Est. Return: Mid-/late July


June 12, 2019

Matt Adams (1B, WAS) – Oblique strain (6/10/19)
The day after can be a good indicator (though the second day is the real test), and he’s feeling much better, thank you. However, oblique strains don’t often clear up quickly so an IL trip is still pretty likely. For what it’s worth, it does appear to be a mild strain.
2019 Impact: Elevated risk; Possible IL trip
Est. Return: June 14-30

Yoan Moncada (3B, CHW) – Back strain (6/10/19)
It’s possible for a back strain to resolve in a few days, but this has the feel of something that lingers for a week or so until the team just sucks it up and puts him on the IL. At this point, all possibilities are open.
2019 Impact: Elevated risk; possible IL trip
Est. Return: June 14-30

Kevin Gausman (RHP, ATL) – R foot, plantar fasciitis (6/10/19)
The date above is the diagnosis date, but it’s possible this has been bothering him for a while. Fasciitis is an inflammation of the fibrous tissues on the bottom of the foot that connects the heel to the toes. It can be very painful, and there’s no quick fix for it.
2019 Impact: Elevated risk; risk of recurrence
Est. Return: Early/mid-July

Jordan Lyles (RHP, PIT) – L hamstring strain (6/8/19)
This looks pretty minor. As with most muscle strains, there’s a risk of recurrence.
2019 Impact: Elevated risk; risk of recurrence (we told you)
Est. Return: Late June/early July

Robinson Cano (2B, NYM) – L quad strain (5/22/19, 6/5/19) UPDATE
We happened to catch a video of Cano running the bases during his rehab assignment, and he’s running like a guy with a quad strain. What he needs is rest; you can’t power yourself through a muscle strain. Expect this to be an ongoing issue, one that could put him back on the shelf at any point.
2019 Impact: Very high risk
Est. Return: Late June, but there’s a high risk of a setback

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