THE BIG HURT: Hurt file, April 25-30

NOTE: As a general rule, this column focuses on analysis, so we don't cover the progress of every injured player. We try to highlight the key fantasy contributors, unusual injuries, or situations where the official projected return is variable or not given. Players whose progress is proceeding as expected are very well covered by fantasy news sources; we'll tend to leave those players alone unless we have something we want to add to the news coverage. This column is updated on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Mondays. 

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April 30, 2018

Robbie Ray (LHP, ARI) – R oblique strain (4/29/18)
No word yet on the extent of the strain, but like Myers below, there’s a good chance he misses two weeks or so, and a smaller chance that he misses more time.
2018 Impact: Some risk that he stays on the DL longer than projected
Est. Return: Mid-/late May

JP Crawford (SS, PHI) – R forearm strain (4/28/18)
Sometimes a strain is a simple matter, and that appears to be the case here. He was diagnosed with a Grade 1 strain, which is a relatively mild injury.
2018 Impact: Slightly elevated risk
Est. Return: Mid-May

Yasiel Puig (OF, LA) – L foot/ankle injuries (4/28/18)
It’s not clear which injury—collision with a wall or fouling a ball off his foot—has landed him on the DL. Either way, it looks like it should be a relatively short stint.
2018 Impact: Likely minimal; Some risk that he stay on the DL longer than projected
Est. Return: Mid-May

Wil Myers (1B/OF, SD) – Oblique strain (4/28/18)
This seems minor, but obliques can be difficult. He’ll be out a minimum of two weeks, but it’s not an entirely remote possibility that he takes longer. We also hope that he’s not returning to his oft-injured ways, which seriously hampered him earlier in his career.
2018 Impact: Some risk that he stays on the DL longer than projected
Est. Return: Mid-/late May

Adrian Beltre (3B, TEX) – L hamstring strain (4/24/18) UPDATE
His strain has been officially classed as a Grade 1, which is good news.
2018 Impact: Elevated risk; risk of recurrence if he returns too soon.
Est. Return: Mid-May

Joe Panik (2B, SF) – L thumb sprain (4/28/18)
They have more tests to do, so the severity hasn’t been determined. Figure a minimum of 2-3 weeks, and more like 6-8 weeks if surgery is required. There could be some loss of power when he first returns, as it’s his top (power) hand.
2018 Impact: Potential need for surgery; Potential loss of power when he first returns
Est. Return: Late May (best estimate)

Byron Buxton (OF, MIN) – L toe fracture (4/23/18) UPDATE
His migraines have passed, but the second set of X-rays on his toe have revealed a hairline fracture. This will leave him out from 4-8 weeks, though the Twins so far seem to think it will be on the low end of that. Since speed is his best asset, his effectiveness may be diminished when he first returns.
2018 Impact: Potential for reduced output when he first returns; Variable return date
Est Return: Late May


April 28, 2018

Corey Seager (SS, LA) – Sore hip (4/25/18)
He “tweaked” his hip and received some therapy after Wednesdays game. He’s probably still a bit sore and getting a couple of extra days to fully recover. At this point in the season, that’s the cautious move. It’s possible there’s something worse happening, but not terribly likely.
2018 Impact: Likely minimal
Est. Return: Late April (yes, it’s already late April; that’s the point)

Eric Thames (1B/OF, MIL) – L Thumb, ligament tear (4/24/18)
This is a somewhat common injury, the result of having the thumb bent back at an unusual angle. It’s the same injury that Mike Trout had last year. Trout returned in just over six weeks, but it was his bottom (non-power) hand, while Thames injured his top hand. That could make a difference. Plus, of course, all injuries are unique. Expect some power loss when he first returns.
2018 Impact: Potential for reduced power for a while after his return
Est. Return: Mid-June

Andrew Miller (LHP, CLE) – L hamstring strain (4/25/18)
There was some initial question about whether he’d need to hit the DL, which indicates it’s a mild strain, probably Grade 1. That means a couple of weeks. There’s an elevated risk of recurrence, especially if he comes back too soon.
2018 Impact; Elevated risk and risk of recurrence when he first returns
Est. Return: Mid-May

Carlos Gonzalez (OF, COL) – R hamstring strain (4/18/18)
Everything we just said about Miller applies to CarGo.
2018 Impact; Elevated risk and risk of recurrence when he first returns
Est. Return: Early/mid-May


April 25, 2018

Victor Robles (OF, WAS) – L elbow hyperextension (4/9/18)
We normally don't cover minor league players, but he's a big part of many a fantasy GM's plans for 2018, so we made an exception. The news, however is not good. This is a pretty severe hyperextension, and though it won't require surgery, it's probably of a grade just shy of one that would need surgery. A typical hyperextension clears up in 2-3 weeks, but he's projected to be out much longer. There should be little impact, aside from rust, when he returns. However, the odds of him having a significant impact on your 2018 team are very low.
2018 Impact: Goes from being a mid-May call-up to a late-season call-up
Est. Return:
Probably playing again in early July, but at Triple-A

Tim Beckham (SS, BAL) – Groin/Achilles tendon soreness (4/23/18)
The groin injury appears to be an aggravation of the injury he experienced this spring. As such, the team will likely give him extra time to recover. The Achilles soreness seems rather minor. He hasn't hit the DL yet, so this projection assumes he does. Maybe it's just a tweak, but it doesn't seem so.
2018 Impact: Potential for re-injury if he returns too soon (#AlreadyHappenedOnce)
Est. Return: Mid-/late May (best estimate)

Shawn Kelley (RHP, WAS) – R elbow, ulnar nerve irritation (4/23/18)
The word "ominous" immediately came to mind here. He's has two Tommy John surgeries in his career, so any elbow issues are an immediate concern. There are many causes of nerve irritation, and they often turn out badly. He's a minor piece on your roster at best, and only in the deepest leagues, but it's not often we get to say "ominous" twice in a column.
2018 Impact: TBD. Good chance of extended time missed
Est. Return: TBD

Avisail Garcia (OF, CHW) – R Hamstring strain (4/23/18)
His injury is being described as "mild to moderate." In technical terms, that sounds like it's somewhere between Grade 1 and Grade 2. Without any further guidance from the team, we'll start with something like Grade 1.5 as our base assumption. In addition to the missed time, there's risk of recurrence.
2018 Impact; Elevated risk; Risk of recurrence, especially when he first returns
Est, Return: Late May

Jake Lamb (3B, ARI) – L shoulder sprain, R elobow tendonitis (4/3/18, 4/21/18) UPDATE
Close to returning from his shoulder injury, he'll now need a few days to recover from tendonitis in his elbow. This doesn't appear to be a serious issue, but it does push his return back by a week or so.
2018 Impact: Minimal
Est. Return: Early May


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