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"In the Baseball Forecaster, Ron Shandler makes no bones about the fact that he gears his book to Rotisserie players. But as one pours through all the statistical data, there are fascinating statistical prognostication tools..."
Peter Gammons,

"Most fantasy sources tell you something you already know. What rotisserie players really seek is strong guidance and sound reasoning. On both counts, no one is better than Ron Shandler. In his Baseball Forecaster, Shandler has devised reliable formulas to determine whether a player's big season was legitimate or lucky. He also has mathematical methods to predict when an improving young player is about to make the leap to stardom (or when a veteran is about to fall off the map). Best of all, he usually takes a stand. Shandler costs a bit more, but so does Alex Rodriguez. Both are worth it."
San Jose Mercury News

"Ron Shandler's Baseball Forecaster is the first book I buy every year and the last one I read before any draft."
Michael Buster McMahon, "Regular Guy," 2004 LABR-AL champion

"I've been playing the CDM Challenge games since '98 and have been using Shandler's methodologies since '99. The Baseball Forecaster is my primary source for help in distinguishing among the many viable Challenge options."
Michael Black, 9 national challenge league titles in 2003, including CDM's High Rollers National Champion

"Ron Shandler's Baseball Forecaster was indispensable for providing a framework by which roster decisions could be made with confidence."
Josh Paley, 2000 CDM Diamond Challenge, $27,600 Grand Prize Winner

"I look forward to Ron Shandler's Baseball Forecaster every year. It's the only fantasy publication I read, and it's of use for non-fantasy purposes as well. It's packed full of information and has a refreshing lack of arrogance."
Jim Callis, Executive Editor, Baseball America

"Indispensable! If you don't have the Baseball Forecaster at draft time, you're only cheating yourself."
Rob Neyer,

"This is the datum bible -- baseball's best kept secret -- fantasy or otherwise. Shandler is to baseball numbers what Webster is to the English language."
Dennis LePore, Sandlot Shrink

"It doesn't really matter to me that Ron Shandler is the guru of fantasy baseball -- sorry, Ron -- because the Forecaster is a publication that every baseball executive and writer should read. It tells you what happened last year, but most importantly, Ron tells you what's going to happen next year, accurately and with a sense of humor."
David Rawnsley, Baseball America

"Flat-out the best fantasy annual there is."
Peter Kreutzer,

"It's a given that the Forecaster is top-notch; everyone should know that by now. It's the pre-Christmas release date that makes it extra special. Keeps me sane through my holiday trip to the in-laws every year."
Steve Moyer, Rotowire Baseball Outsider

"If you use (the Baseball Forecaster) to prepare for your fantasy draft, you're much more likely to win."
Los Angeles Times

"The Baseball Forecaster makes statistically valid projections more thoroughly than anyone else."
Fantasy Baseball Magazine

"The answer to "Where can I get the best player projections?" just may be "In Shandler's Forecaster."
BY THE NUMBERS, Society for American Baseball Research's (SABR) Statistical Analysis Committee newsletter

"...interesting projections for virtually every major leaguer."
Minneapolis Star-Tribune

"Hardcore Roto players shouldn't do without (the Baseball Forecaster). It's like having a perfectly legal corked bat in your hands."
Bruce Hallihan, Daily Gleaner

"I appreciate (the Baseball Forecaster's) objective analysis and lack of pretension. The Annual Review is a book we look forward to every year."
Phil Erwin, Baseball Insight

"No other publication gives such detailed and valuable statistical forecasts. In fantasy baseball, the ability to predict future stars and/or underachievers and overachievers could mean the difference between 1st place and "well, just wait 'til next year." To this end, the Baseball Forecaster is invaluable." J.Waller, Belleville NJ

"Purchasing other fantasy/Rotisserie publications is superficial compared to the Forecaster. Its value surpasses Bill James, Mann, Benson, etc." K.Hand, Perth Amboy NJ

"A gold mine of information, which you can dig into according to your interests and time. Spot trends, uncover players with emerging talent, get a read on whether players are solid or losing it. Provides a stable, sabermetric lens through which to view player performance, with thoughtful analysis. Always something different and interesting in each issue. A worthy successor to the James' Baseball Abstracts." J.Lewis, Kansas City MO

"I find the Annual Review more informative than the STATS Inc. publications, and the projections more meaningful." B.McKay, Ann Arbor MI

"While I receive the Annual Review earlier than any other pre-season publication, I find it has more long-term value than the other later, and supposedly "more current" publications. On a player by player basis, I get more value from your book than any other." D.Mahlan, Oak Park IL

"Thanks to Baseball Forecaster I came away from my auction this year with my best team ever. Not only were your values insightful, I made me feel extremely confident in planning and executing my auction strategy." E.Coyle, W.Boylston MA

"The new fantasy season begins when the "bible" arrives. I used the Forecaster for first time last season and it helped me win my championship for second year in row. I'm anxiously awaiting my favorite Xmas present!!" J.Sparler, York PA

"I buy your book every year and often subscribe to your online service. My roti team is always competitive and has won its league three times in six years, including this year. Only once in those six years have I finished out of the money. For this year's draft, I decided to follow the LIMA strategy with some minor adjustments. The comments I heard during the draft were memorable: "What is Rick doing?" and "I can't believe he thinks he can win by spending so little on pitching!" By year's end my team finished #1 in all four offensive categories. In pitching, I was in the upper half in 3 of 4 categories. After being in second place most of the season and trailing by 8 to 12 pts, my team zoomed into 1st place with about a month to go. My biggest lead was 8.5 pts. By year end, I had won by 5.5 pts. Thanks for providing a great book and online service. You can bank on me being a customer for years to come. (I just hope, selfishly, that no one else in my league finds out about you!)." R.Michal, LaGrange Park IL

"I received today my copy of the Baseball Forecaster and it's simply amazing. It will help me a great deal on Friday, the draft day of our Roto League. Thanks again and ciao." S.Micolitti, Italy

"The Baseball Forecaster gives me an edge, a perspective that no one else in my league has." J.Ptachick, Burnsville MN

"The Baseball Forecaster is a great publication. I believe this is my 5th year and I wouldn't know where to start my research without it." R.Osborne, College Station TX

"I just received your Forecaster and wanted to tell you that its the best one I've seen you do yet. You explain your numbers well, which are unusual and overwhelming to someone used to looking at baseball through more traditional evaluators such as ERA, and you have a humerous and light writing style which makes reading all the numbers more enjoyable." J.Carney, Fort Lauderdale FL

"I want to thank you for making me a more knowledgable baseball fan. I have thoroughly digested your '99 Baseball Forecaster and enjoyed all of the insights, especially how to evaluate pitchers. To that end, I've assembled a pitching staff which has 51 out of 55 possible points in a 5x5 AL only league." R.Moore, Seattle WA

"I never make any kind of trade or draft selection without one last glance at the Annual Review for a reality check." R.Thoman, Sioux Falls, SD

"This is the most comprehensive and useful annual I have seen from anyone. Ever." L. Rosenthal, Lido Beach NY

"I bought your book in '93 and '94. Result: A league championship and two 2nd place finishes in my three leagues. I didn't get your book in '95. Result: 7th place. Please rush a copy of the '96 Annual Review. I've learned my lesson." B.Williams, San Marcos TX

"This is the greatest book on the market. It makes winter tolerable." D.Geiszler, Newtown, PA

"I've played this game for 11 years, and in that time have looked at scores of baseball publications. The Baseball Forecaster Annual Review is simply the best there is. Period. End of discussion." D.Holsapple, Overland Park KS

"I liked the Baseball Forecaster so much last year (I won a 13-team league) that I was confident enough to use it -- and NOTHING ELSE -- this year." H.Kojan, Virginia Beach VA

"Although I purchased a number of books and magazines this year for fantasy baseball, the Baseball Forecaster was by far the most beneficial. It has continued to help throughout the season." K.Harlow, Westerville OH

"This is the first year I have used the Forecaster. I have found the info very helpful. I like the values and how the analysis is achieved. Last year I finished last. This year I am currently in 4th!" T. Boles, Belmar NJ

"The Annual Review is a great place to start evaluating players. After placing 3rd in the first three years in my league, I've won the last two years (last year with 89.5 points!)" D.Zimmerman, East Brunswick NJ

"The Forecaster has a gutsy, unbiased view of players. Without it, I would feel like a preacher without a bible!" L.Young, Louisa KY

"You must get basically no word-of-mouth business. A roto player would have to be crazy to tell his buddies about your stuff. I think it's very ironic: the better your product, the less people will recommend it to their friends." D.Peterson, Pasadena CA

"By far the most accurate predictor of performance, particularly with pitching!" M.Beaulieu, Derry NH

"The fact that relatively few people have access to your material makes it more valuable than most other information used by fantasy players." J.DeVivo, Easton, PA

"The Baseball Forecaster Annual Review has the most complete pitcher projections that I know of. I have used it as a starting point to set up pitcher rankings for my draft list." G.Wright, Stowe VT

"The Annual Review is pure dynamite. Can't imagine beating these other guys without it. After finishing in 7th place in an 8-team league two years ago, I found the Forecaster and tied for 1st place last year. This year, it's nothing but tail-lights for my friends because I've got 72 out of 80 points and they're looking at 19.5 points between me and 2nd place." J.Owen, Dowagiac MI

"The Annual Review is very good. I refer to it all year long." Dan Cashman, Columbia MD

"I bought Shander's book for the first time this year and it is awesome. I will certainly be an annual customer." M.Krantz, San Francisco CA

"To show you blood is thinner than water, I haven't even shared the Forecaster with my son, who has teams in both my leagues!" F.Ashenhurst, Itasca IL

"I won the Ray Oyler Memorial Rotisserie League pennant this year largely due to the insights gained through the Annual Review." S.Johnson, Federal Way WA

"My annual is already dog-eared and BBHQ is the first place I go when I log on. Keep the good stuff coming!" V.Tieri, Riverside CA

"The Forecaster is like mothers milk in the months prior to spring training when everyone starts publishing. I don't even buy the other books any more after witnessing the results the last couple of years." L.Christenson, Running Springs CA

"The Annual Review is a fantasy baseball owner's dream. It gave me advantage over the other teams in my league." V.Ingrassia, Howard Beach NY

"The Annual Review has been my draft bible for years. It's an excellent source of insight. I've found many sleepers which have turned a few heads on draft day." J.Wunn, Janesville WI

"Since my brother and I starting using the Baseball Forecaster three years ago, our fantasy team's performance has improved dramatically. During the 1991 season, we finished out of the money, but last year we won our league with a record 56 points (out of a possible 64 in our 8-team league). This year we're leading again with 65.5 points (out of a possible 80 points)! Thanks for an outstanding publication! " M.Reitz, Hanover Park IL

"I would attribute 95% of my team's dramatic improvement this year to the Baseball Forecaster." F.DeAngelis, Reading MA

"It is the highlight of my year when I get your book." D.Mairs, Calgary AB CANADA

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