HQ Pitcher Matchups Tool

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For maximum flexibility when printing, mark the chart with your cursor, and cut/paste into MS Excel.

This report is now using 2015 data. Beware of small-sample oddities!

This report contains stat boxes for all 30 major league teams. Each team box contains the following information:

  • A Monday-through-Sunday game schedule over the coming week.
  • Opposition team, and projected pitching matchup.
  • The average PQS score the pitcher has versus the opposition this year, and in 2011.
  • The BPIs of the opposing team. For home games, these represent the BPIs of the opposing team in all its road games. For road games, these represent the BPIs of the opposing team in all its home games.
  • Matchup Rating: A rating from -5 to 5 of the starter's outlook relative to the opposing offense. This is based on the starter's average PQS scores (split by home/road) compared to the Opp Team Rating, which is the average of all opposing pitcher's PQS scores against the opponent (split by home/road and SP handedness). Ratings of +3 or better are strong start candidates; ratings of +2 or better are moderate start candidates; ratings below zero are strong "sit" candidates. All other ratings are toss-ups.