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Win with the busts of 2013

Did BJ Upton (pictured left) kill your fantasy team in 2013? How about CC Sabathia? Ryan Braun? Josh Hamilton?

That was last year. It's time to let it go.

It's all too common to hold a grudge against players who under-performed the prior year. But our new research shows that this kind of emotional reaction can actually be detrimental. Why? Because of recency bias.

We all have the tendency to place greater emphasis on more recent events. We remember the damage done by the Uptons and Sabathias, and we vow not to make the mistake of rostering them again. As a result, the value of those players at the draft table plummets so far that they become bargains.

The trick is to figure out which of last year's disappointments are the best bets to rebound. That's where our special report, 2014's Extreme Rebound Candidates, comes in. We'll walk through the history that shows how profitable it can be to exploit recency bias at the draft table, and tell you which players that were trash in 2013 are most likely to be treasure in 2014.

Not all will rebound; our exclusive research will show you how to spot the players with the best odds.

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As far as I'm concerned, the only thing that matters is winning. Taking an intelligent approach to combatting the recency bias is a
way to gain a new edge in today's game.

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Ron Shandler