David Martin
Some players are made for the head-to-head game, others are not. Let's see who some of the best H2H batters are this year.
Vladimir Sedler
Using RotoLab's draft software to build projections and prepare for drafts.
Frank Noto
You may have heard: Starters aren’t going long any more. So what’s a Roto GM to do?
Jock Thompson
If you blinked, you missed Luis Castillo's development into a terrific MLB pitcher following his leap from Double-A to CIN. Castillo tops our very speculative list of NL SP upside candidates.
Brant Chesser
The NFBC's Cutline Championship offers many ways to construct a roster in a points format. The goal is to target elite hitters, aces, and closers that will guide our teams past each cut while maximizing positional flexibility to optimize weekly...
Matthew Cederholm
The most eagerly awaited article of the year! The 2018 SGP denominators are here. Limited supplies, so act fast.


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