Jock Thompson
Unheralded Brad Hand (who??) was one of seven RPs that posted 100+ Ks and a sub-3 ERA in 2016. We analyzed the strikeout surge and more takeaways from the recent season.
Jock Thompson
Sonny Gray's injury-plagued lost season was one of many rotation disappointments, in an MLB season that also saw another big HR surge. Our immediate 2016 takeaways for KL owners seeking a jump on the off-season.
Jock Thompson
Out of baseball last year, Andrew Toles' broad skill set propelled him through four professional levels in 2016. He's just one of several NL year-end surgers you should be familiar with.
Dave Adler
Try to remember... the kind of September...where there's roster expansion. The pros and cons of adding players late in the season.