Matt Gelfand
David Ortiz has spoiled us with more than a decade of elite production, but at 39 is he finally slowing down? Also, B. McCann, Hahn, Er. Ramirez, Souza.
Brian Rudd
Max Scherzer is living up to expectations during his first year in Washington, but can the sub-2.00 ERA last? Plus, Mike Bolsinger, Justin Turner, Jean Segura, and Matt Duffy.
Greg Pyron
Alex Wood got off to a shaky start in 2015, but he has pitched much better of late. What's behind that improvement? Plus Jason Heyward, Marlon Byrd, Curtis Granderson, and Chase Anderson.
Dave Adler
Jose Altuve may not be the fan favorite, but he's clearly playing like an All Star. Also Chen, Cruz, Warren, and C. Sanchez.